About Skybridge Academy

A liberal arts college environment for junior high & high school

Skybridge Academy students celebrate our move to the Stunt Ranch with a pyrotechnics photoshoot

Skybridge Academy students celebrate our move to the Stunt Ranch with a pyrotechnics photoshoot

Skybridge Academy is my contribution to the world of education I care so deeply about.  My intention is to create an environment with integrated, relevant academics, while providing a vital learning community where every student is deeply honored for who they are as a unique individual.  Our program has a thriving full time community comprised of extraordinary teens and preteens and we welcome homeschoolers to join any of our classes a la carte.

As your child discovers their deepest strengths, we will help refine those strengths and bring them out into a dynamic relationship with the world.  If she or he is aiming to attend a competitive college, we will work with the SAT test starting in junior high so they understand what skills are measured and can learn, over time, how to perform highly on it.

Skybridge Academy provides an innovative answer to the question of how to best educate young people.  Using written evaluations instead of grades, and our own benchmarks versus standardized tests, supports our students in learning how they learn and developing a sense of what motivates them.

Our experience with college admissions is that they want students with unique accomplishments, as well as high AP and SAT scores.  Our focus on the unique individual sets students on the path of becoming life long learners who enjoy learning because they appreciate knowledge versus memorizing things for the test and then never having the chance to apply what they have learned.  

Skybridge Academy will strive to meet your family’s needs in a practical, common sense way that is relevant to our global, 21st-century culture.  Our inclusive, reverent culture, flexible hours, use of technology, and deep Socratic inquiry, allow our students to be extremely competitive when they enter the college admissions process and/or professional job market.

— Ariel Dochstader Miller

Director & Chief Motivator

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